How to Pick a Wedding Ceremony Location

The wedding ceremony is an integral part of the solemnization of marriage; this is when marital rites are held, and the couple exchanges wedding vows. The venue of the wedding is therefore very crucial in making the ceremony more memorable and special.

The initial consideration for a wedding location is the number of expected guests attending the ceremony. Thus, the first step in determining the venue for the wedding is to factor out the number of attendees; this can be done by having a list of estimated guests. Having an estimate means you can proceed to searching for your desired location that can accommodate the number of guests expected. With destination weddings, it is easier deciding on a location as the number of guest becomes limited since not all friends and family members can afford to travel; many couples most times opt for venue that are small sized.



The wedding venue is based primarily on if you and your partner are interested in a traditional and religious wedding. With religious weddings, the wedding procedures are relative to the different types of beliefs, although the majority of religious weddings are held in the church. A catholic wedding for instance, follows a set of rules and traditions. The content as well as the wedding proceedings follows the rite of marriage in a Holy Mass. You can however contact the priest or minister before the wedding should you have a specific detail or arrangements to add.

Each venue has its own specific policies that dictate what is required for attendees of the wedding. These policies are important information to request when inquiring for a wedding venue. These policies may include the restriction placed on the type of decorations; the kind of wedding dress worn by the bride and the bridesmaid. Church wedding prohibits bride wearing dresses that are too revealing, or dresses with unconventional colors. It is also important you find out when you can set up your decorations for the ceremony.

Outdoor wedding venues usually require more detailed planning and considerations compared to traditional church wedding venues. Mostly, couples who choose to have an outdoor wedding are advised to have a backup plan as there are a number of uncertainty and unexpected occurrences attached to having an outdoor wedding; for example environmental situation like rain, wind and sunshine. Civil wedding ceremonies are usually held in an outdoor setting such as gardens, beaches, farms or wineries. To prevent outdoor accidents, extra cautionary measures to cover the venue must be included in the plan of choosing a wedding ceremony venue. Some wedding venues are set up to double as both a solemnization venue and a reception.


Marriage celebrants

Your wedding is an important day of your life thus do not hesitate to make it the best event of your life. Marriage celebrants are quite common these days and they definitely try to make sure that they make your day an astonishing one. Here we will be discussing some significant aspects of wedding ceremonies that a marriage celebrant would bring along with itself.

People usually are worried about the fact whether these marriage celebrants are able to arrange all the necessary documents and actions. It is extremely important to let people know that these marriage celebrants are properly trained as they are supposed to go through a proper celebrant course that makes them eligible for conducting wedding ceremonies. All the Celebrants that go through that course are familiar with all the requirements of the law relating to Marriages and arrange all necessary legal documents.

Marriage Celebrants are also responsible for assisting you with traditional forms of ceremonies. All of these marriage celebrants are responsible to your day as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. You would definitely love to have a marriage celebrant for your wedding because these marriage celebrants have the ability to make your day special.

Bronte Price is one amazing marriage celebrant who always comes up with some amazing ideas to make your wedding special. Following are the features that Bronte Price civil celebrant will offer you:

1. Bronte Price is welcoming and helpful to all people that are involved in your big day.
2. He is a special person who has deep respect for people and he is well aware of effective ways that would help him to get everyone involved in your wedding ceremony.
3. Bronte Price values human relationships, predominantly the marriage relationships. Since marriage is a big event of your life thus Bronte Price realizes the fact that they should start with something special and bizarre. Moreover, Bronte Price is well aware of the social and cultural value of ceremonies which ensures the fact that he is going to provide you a perfect ceremony with a blend of almost everything.
4. Bronte Price has a high level of self-respect in regard to dressing, grooming and personal presentation. It is one reason due to which you will see most of the wedding ceremonies with traditional yet some amazing choice of dressing.
5. It is important for a marriage celebrant to have theatre skills. Bronte Price has an experience of theatre and film thus he doesn’t only have the ability to speak but also to orchestrate and organize quite well in a moderate manner.
6. Bronte Price works with the couple because he knows it’s their day. He floats quite exceptional ideas and its couple’s call when it comes to selecting a particular idea.

The best element about Bronte Price is that he removes a lot of stress and strain from the big day, create a relaxed atmosphere for the couple to enjoy their big day.


A tribute to Madeleine Vionnet, the French designer who revolutionised the figure-flattering gowns of the 1930’s. The grace and elegance of these beautifully draped gowns are the epitome of modern bridal sophistication.

Inspired by the idea of combining the best of traditional romance with modern Australian design and style – Luxurious laces and silks contrasting with sleek, sophisticated lines create a wonderful new look for today’s bride.

The Vintage Goddess Collection was designed to celebrate every bride’s inner goddess with the elegance of a bygone era. This collection features hand-beaded vintage-inspired laces, flowing Grecian-style chiffon and extravagant statement gowns.

This collection has styles that will stand the test of time. Featuring sumptuous silks, figure-flattering satins and classic A-line gowns which will continue to look stunning in photos for years to come


Specialising in beautiful Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaids Dresses, Mother of the Bride/Groom and Formal Dresses for the real-sized lady.

No matter what size or body shape, you deserve to look beautiful on your special day. I believe you deserve to be treated with respect while you are shopping for your perfect dress.

Your shopping experience at Bredbo Bridal Boutique will be fun and I won’t stop until I find you The Dress.

Some brides look for a naturally done application and others prefer a more glamorous style.

It’s my passion to create a look that you feel confident and beautiful in.

Your make-up will be tailored to your style and accentuate your own beauty.

With over 10 years experience, I take pride in helping to make your wedding day special.

I cater to bridal party’s of any size and available to travel through out the Perth metro area.

Collections by Style

The Fishtail (also called a mermaid or trumpet) silhouette follows the body’s curves very closely, comes in at the knees and then flares out at the bottom. This figure-hugging style is ideal for the bride who wants to show off her fabulous figure.

Sometimes called a sheath or column shape, the slim-line gown subtly contours the body and then falls staright from the waist. This style suits a bride who wants a slender but not curvy silhouette.

As the name suggests, the A-line silhouette is closely fitted to the body, emphasising the waist, and then fares out into an “A” shaped skirt from the hip bone. This wonderful silhouette suits all body shapes.

The most extravagant bridal style, this silhouette has a very fitted bodice and full skirt. Emphasising the waist and disguising the hips, this is the ultimate “princess bride” style.

Gowns featuring intricately hand-beaded laces in ivory, silver and gold combined with sumptuous silks, satins and chiffons.

Gowns featuring luxurious organzas, chiffons and silk chiffons.

Wedding ceremony service

Your wedding is not only special to you but for us too. Thus we feel it’s our duty to make sure that we have got each and every aspect covered for your special day. Bronte Price is one brand that provides exclusive services for its customers for wedding ceremonies. Following is the detail of services provided by Bronte Price for wedding ceremonies.

Wedding ceremony service

Here is our first service that we offer. We are one of the leading one in the market when it comes to wedding ceremonies. Bronte Price provides full access to all resources ensuring the fact that we have got everything covered. Moreover we also bring in some amazing ideas related to music, readings, cultural and historical traditions, rituals and symbols.

Before we move on we will be having an obligation-free meeting to discuss the legal requirements of a marriage. Furthermore we will also discuss regarding the details of wedding ceremony that you would desire to have. This would provide our marriage celebrants a good idea about the type of wedding ceremony that you are after.

After we are done with the first meeting our marriage celebrants would setup a date of the second meeting to discuss the draft ceremony and attend to the legal documentation. At that meeting, marriage celebrant will sight your identification and all other required documents. It is recommended for the couple to bring along all their legal documents along in this meeting because it is the time when everything is going to be finalized.

After we are done with all the paper work and legal part we will be moving on the rehearsals for the wedding ceremony. It is important to rehearse your unforgetable wedding ceremony at the venue where actual wedding will take place but if that is not available then we can arrange it at an alternate location. This would help us polish your ceremony until it’s perfect. Our marriage celebrants are available 24/7 because we are here to work hard to ensure that we have got each and every aspect covered to have a perfect wedding ceremony for you. You can contact our marriage celebrants through email and phone depending upon the resources available to you.

Along with all those things mentioned above we are also going to have a professional quality PA audio system which will ensure that all your guests are able hear your ceremony. Bronte Price provides a sound system that has an MP3 player (CD and USB).

Our marriage celebrants will be responsible for providing you a professionally printed marriage certificate, a digital copy of the ceremony and they will also be responsible for the completion of all legal paperwork and lodgment with the relevant authorities on your behalf



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