Wedding ceremony service

Your wedding is not only special to you but for us too. Thus we feel it’s our duty to make sure that we have got each and every aspect covered for your special day. Bronte Price is one brand that provides exclusive services for its customers for wedding ceremonies. Following is the detail of services provided by Bronte Price for wedding ceremonies.

Wedding ceremony service

Here is our first service that we offer. We are one of the leading one in the market when it comes to wedding ceremonies. Bronte Price provides full access to all resources ensuring the fact that we have got everything covered. Moreover we also bring in some amazing ideas related to music, readings, cultural and historical traditions, rituals and symbols.

Before we move on we will be having an obligation-free meeting to discuss the legal requirements of a marriage. Furthermore we will also discuss regarding the details of wedding ceremony that you would desire to have. This would provide our marriage celebrants a good idea about the type of wedding ceremony that you are after.

After we are done with the first meeting our marriage celebrants would setup a date of the second meeting to discuss the draft ceremony and attend to the legal documentation. At that meeting, marriage celebrant will sight your identification and all other required documents. It is recommended for the couple to bring along all their legal documents along in this meeting because it is the time when everything is going to be finalized.

After we are done with all the paper work and legal part we will be moving on the rehearsals for the wedding ceremony. It is important to rehearse your unforgetable wedding ceremony at the venue where actual wedding will take place but if that is not available then we can arrange it at an alternate location. This would help us polish your ceremony until it’s perfect. Our marriage celebrants are available 24/7 because we are here to work hard to ensure that we have got each and every aspect covered to have a perfect wedding ceremony for you. You can contact our marriage celebrants through email and phone depending upon the resources available to you.

Along with all those things mentioned above we are also going to have a professional quality PA audio system which will ensure that all your guests are able hear your ceremony. Bronte Price provides a sound system that has an MP3 player (CD and USB).

Our marriage celebrants will be responsible for providing you a professionally printed marriage certificate, a digital copy of the ceremony and they will also be responsible for the completion of all legal paperwork and lodgment with the relevant authorities on your behalf



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